Hyperskill is an English-language platform for project-based learning, where you can post theoretical and practical educational materials. Hyperskill relies on the Stepik educational platform and uses its power to test tasks and store content. Methodologists, designers, and developers of Hyperskill are also Stepik employees. Although the Stepik team is responsible for the platform, different teams are engaged in the process of creating educational materials. Currently, the main partner for Hyperskill content creation is JetBrains, and JetBrains Academy (JBA) is the joint product of Hyperskill and JetBrains. The mission of JBA is to help novice developers to get their hands in programming and at the same time fill in the gaps in the CS knowledge. For the materials to be relevant and of high quality, JBA attracts external experts, authors, and testers. That's how we appeared – a freelance content creation team :)
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