29 дек. 2022


Hi! We are Humans, we are building the future of work. We are trying to reinvent the way to discover jobs in web3. In a few weeks, we will launch a whole new way of referring great people to great jobs. For humans, by Humans. Launching on June, 15.
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Content & community lead

We need a Content & Community Lead to grow our product and build a strong Web3 founder’s community from 0 to 1.
Hey there! It’s Fedor, CMO of HUMANS 👋
HUMANS is a personal advisor that gets Web3 startups on track to growth. On our platform Web3 founders meet 1:1 with vetted and experienced advisors who help startups at different stages: from fundraising to tokenomics design.
More than 35 advisors from outstanding companies like Dapper, YC, Andreessen Horowitz, Binance, Coinbase, CoinDesk, and NEAR Foundation have already joined us.
Together with them, we help builders to bring the next Web3 unicorns to the industry.


We are a small, tight-knit team of four and have built some products in ed-tech before. We just launched HUMANS on the 1st of November. Still, we already have significant traction: we held more than 20 sessions and attracted 35+ advisors from great companies in the first month (without any marketing budget, of course).


  • Ensure the growth of social media and the community - Create a content on specific resources like Mirror, Product Hunt, Hackernoon- Create case-studies: share our success stories- Manage the content strategy (prepare to be actively in touch with our advisors and other founders)- Develop social media partnerships
  • Create a content on specific resources like Mirror, Product Hunt, Hackernoon
  • Create case-studies: share our success stories
  • Manage the content strategy (prepare to be actively in touch with our advisors and other founders)
  • Develop social media partnerships
  • Be in charge of all the product copy - Articulate and constantly iterate product positioning- Product copywriting for landings- Texts for system emails- Advisors’ profiles
  • Articulate and constantly iterate product positioning
  • Product copywriting for landings
  • Texts for system emails
  • Advisors’ profiles
  • Manage and grow the advisors’ and founder’s community
  • Creatively assist in special projects like texts for Product Hunt launches, event landings, etc.

What we’re looking for:

  • You've worked in a similar position before and handled the tasks listed ahead;
  • You understand startup founder's problems: a big plus if you've produced some content for IT entrepreneurs' audiences before;
  • You want to be a regular at Mirror.xyz, ProductHunt, HackerNoon. It's perfect if you've created content on these platforms;
  • You are ready to communicate a lot. There will be lots of calls with founders and advisors to create meaningful content;
  • You are passionate about Web3. Know some opinion leaders, stay tuned for new Web3 products;
  • You are interested in launching something 0 to 1. For the next few months, you'll be the only person who leads the content;
  • Your English is not only literate, but you are also a native speaker;
  • You will not wait for a transparent TOR to start inventing and creating content. Independence and initiative are our core values;
  • You are ready to get feedback. You are interested in growing;
  • It's incredible if you have side projects like a podcast, newsletter, blog, or whatever.

What will we give in response:

  • Access to a diversely inaccessible network. Great advisors and Web3 founders
  • Fully remote job in an international company (our team is working from Dubai & Portugal)
  • Exciting tasks and projects. You will have the freedom to invent everything you want;
  • Opportunity to grow in product communication;
  • Experience working with leading digital companies;
  • Competitive and official salary in $ — we will discuss it at the interview;
  • We are fast decision-makers, so we won't bore you with bureaucracy.
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