S Pride Group
Take all the best from nature! S Pride Group – is a manufacture of smart cosmetics and beauty aids. Beauty remedies technology in the modern world are a cutting-edge sector of biology, medicine, and pharmaceutical cross-sciences. We produce more than just cosmetics. We offer highly functional tools for your beauty. In collaboration with the Biology and Medicine Faculties of Université de Genève S Pride Group has developed the revolutionary formulation to make it serve truly to your beauty. Years of multi- and interdisciplinary research allow us to offer you unique smart cosmetics providing unparalleled rejuvenator and effect on your skin. Our molecular and hypoallergenic products deliver priceless molecules of life – amino acids, monosaccharides, vitamins, mineral salts, fatty acids – in the “core” of an epidermic cell. -Natural ingredients -Cruelty free -Comprehensive production control -Clinically and dermatologically tested -No parabens -No sodium lauryl ether sulfate -Dedicated to Beauty of All Women… S Pride Group strictly applies only natural ingredients in its beauty remedies enriched by innovative technologies. These are gold, citrus, rose oil, aloe vera, nuts, jojoba, bamboo, black rice, ginseng, and seaweed – to name just a few. An interesting fact. Women know that gold is a natural powerful antioxidant. But did you know that the gold originally is born in result of stellar collision? Then gold molecules journey through the space and getting gravitated to the Earth. This wonderful story started billions of years ago and today we are proud to offer you the force of stars in our products. It is romantic, but we understand that our customers need more. A human being has a complex metabolism. Besides plant compounds, your skin requires monosaccharides, mineral salts, vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids to maintain its health and youth. These microscopic particles easily penetrate through pores of epidermis. All of them are building blocks for large biomolecules of fats, collagen, carbohydrates, hyaluronic acid, and proteins. But how to deliver all those treasure items inside the skin? That is where innovations come on the scene and make S Pride Group products unique. Our smart cosmetics consists of the same elements as skin cells. But its biggest advantage is the ability to transport those elements deeply into the epidermis to clean, moisturize, nourish, and protect it. We extend our business approach further and comply with high production standards. The production facility and manufacturing process are developed in accordance with ISO covering the quality aspects of production, control, storage and shipment of cosmetic products. S Pride Group puts a great attention to all manufacturing stages. S Pride Group adheres to values of modern society and humaneness. Contribution to sustainable development Beauty is an attribute of both, a human and the world. Environmentally friendly production and ecological wellness are our priorities. We participate in various programs to protect nature from pollutions to keep people and the world beautiful. Social responsibility We donate a certain percent of our revenue to charity funds and non-profit organizations. The company cooperates with and regularly supports charitable or fundraising programs to make a good quality of life possible for everybody. All goods of our product range are not tested on animals
Москва #Можно удалённо
Занятость / Тип договора:
Полный день
От 1 года до 3-х лет
От 100,000 ₽
Вакансия в архиве
Английский C1
Account Management
Руководитель интернет-магазина (Амазон аккаунта) на удаленную работу
О компании.

Мы - Американский бренд по продаже косметической продукции. Компания базируется и оперирует в США с 2017 года.

Ищем в команду главного менеджера Амазон аккаунта, результатом работы которого будет постоянное развитие и доходность аккаунта.
Вы подойдете нашей команде, если:
Основные направления -
1. Постоянное поддержание аккаунта в здоровом состоянии.
2. Постоянное пополнение аккаунта новыми товарами по системе Private Label.
3. Постоянная оптимизация существующих листингов. (Анализ показателей и постоянное их улучшение).
Условия работы.
Преимущества, которые вы получите в нашей компании:
Мы ищем только тех людей, которые умеют влиять на результат и приносить компании пользу. Которые не боятся амбициозных задач. У которых горят глаза и есть желание зарабатывать.  Нам нужен профессионал, который станет частью нашей команды на долгие годы. Если вы дочитали до этого места, то укажите в сопроводительном письме: «Я – тот специалист, который вам нужен» и расскажите, почему именно вы сможете выполнять поставленные задачи.