28 июн. 2024


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People Operations Specialist

We are PRpillar.com, an online reputation management agency for FinTech brands since 2015, serving over 50 clients. Our remote team consists of 30 professionals from 11 countries. This new position is open due to the company's expansion.

About Us

We are PRpillar.com, an established online reputation management agency helping FinTech brands since 2015. Our portfolio includes over 50 brands, including some of the most well-known names in the industry.
With a remote team of 30 professionals from 11 countries and various nationalities, we prioritize well-being, development, and productivity.
Our Values:
  • Trust: This is the foundational principle of our team.
  • Transparent Communication: We believe in clear and open dialogue.
  • Long-term Commitment: We focus on building lasting relationships and sustained success.

Purpose of the Position

Currently, the CEO (who is also a co-owner of the company) and his business assistant handle the human resources functions. This new position has been created to support the company's goals of expanding the workforce by increasing the number of employees, and maintaining team productivity and satisfaction. The role will involve recruiting for positions such as Online Reputation Manager, Copywriter (topics: forex, trading), and Specialist in the publication department.

What You Will Be Doing

  • Recruitment and Onboarding: Manage job postings, screen resumes, conduct interviews, and facilitate onboarding.
  • Employee Engagement and Relations: Conduct engagement surveys (eNPS), initiate 360-degree evaluations, analyze results, organize team-building activities, support conflict resolution, promote a positive culture, and conduct exit interviews.
  • HR Administration: Maintain employee records using HRIS, handle inquiries, and ensure policy compliance.
  • Training and Development: Identify training needs, propose programs, monitor effectiveness, and promote continuous development.

Systems and Tools Used

  • ClickUp for task management, employee, and candidate database.
  • Google Sheets for data work and reporting.
  • Google Meet and Google Chat for video conferencing and team communication.
  • Deel and SolarStaff for contract and payment management.
  • HH, telegram channels, and LinkedIn for recruitment.
  • TestGorilla for candidate assessment.


  • Proven experience (minimum 1 year) in People Operations or HR.
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills.
  • Ability to work independently and manage multiple tasks.
  • Fluent in English (capable of conducting interviews) and native in Russian.
  • Experience in recruitment and various sourcing tools.
  • Experience with remote team management is a plus.


  • We are ready to pay well, but the offer depends on your skills. The salary varies from 1500 EUR to 2000 EUR.
  • Opportunity to work from anywhere in the world, except Russia.
  • Flexible working hours, allowing you to structure your workday without strict time constraints.
  • Professional development opportunities.
  • Education benefits, including English language courses and hard and soft skills training programs.
  • Generous PTO: 30+ working days per year.